How an air purifier can help with pet allergies

We love our furry family members. In fact, statistics show that 52% of adults in the UK have a pet in the home2. For some of us, or 10-20% of the population in the UK, the runny noses and itchy eyes that we experience caused by our fuzzy friends can be difficult to deal with. What causes an allergy to pet dander? What can we do to help? Can an air purifier help us with pet allergy symptoms? Find out below.

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What is an allergy to pets?

When we experience allergy symptoms around cats, dogs, or other animals, we are in fact experiencing a reaction to the proteins present in the substances that the animal excretes. Some of these substances may be found in their skin cells, saliva, or urine. Usually, our sensitives are caused by the animal’s dander, which is the dead flakes of skin that fall onto the ground or other surfaces in the home. Our bodies detect a foreign substance suspended in the air (animal proteins in this case), and our immune system jumps into action and produces antibodies to protect us from these invaders that may potentially make us sick. For someone who experiences allergies, their immune system is notified of a potential danger, even if a danger does not exist1.

Symptoms of pet allergy can vary greatly depending on a person’s level of sensitivity. They can be similar to those of a cold or seasonal allergies: runny and/or congested nose; itchy, watery eyes; coughing; and sneezing, to name a few. However, some people who are particularly sensitive may experience asthma-like symptoms like difficulty breathing. Since the symptoms can be so similar to cold symptoms, doctors often advise that if the symptoms persist for longer than two weeks, allergies may be the culprit.

How can we protect ourselves from pet allergies?

The most commonly recommended solution to pet allergies is to keep your distance from our furry friends. But what do you do if you, another family member, or a roommate has a pet in the home? How can you relieve your symptoms and breathe easier?

Some breeds of pets are considered to be “hypoallergenic”, but in reality, a truly hypoallergenic breed of pet does not exist since we are usually allergic to their excreta, a substance that all pets produce3. Giving your pets regular baths helps in reducing the amount of dander that is released into your living space, but this should not be done too often to avoid drying out your pet’s skin, creating more dander! If you experience severe allergies, pets without fur or feathers, like snakes, fish, or turtles, may be a better fit for someone with severe pet allergies.

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Using an air purifier to help your pet allergy symptoms

Another excellent solution if you have a pet in the home but are experiencing allergies is to equip your home with an air purifier.

As previously mentioned, pet dander is usually suspended in the air and inhaled by the lungs, promoting an immune response and causing allergy symptoms. By cleaning the air of these suspended particles (allergens), allergy symptoms can be dramatically reduced. Additionally, it is important to vacuum and wipe down surfaces regularly to keep carpets and other items in the home free from pet dander that has already settled.

Air purifiers containing HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters, the gold standard of air filtration, are the only filters that are proven to be effective against animal dander in your air. HEPA is a European certification overseen by European standards EN 1822 and EN ISO 29463. All Eoleaf devices come equipped with HEPA filters. These filters can filter all pet dander (usually measuring around 2.5 µm) and fine particles down to the size of 0.01 µm. Furthermore, Eoleaf’s high-quality air purifiers contain a broad spectrum of filtration technologies and action, enabling them to rid your air of other allergy-inducing indoor contaminants including:

In addition to HEPA filters, Eoleaf devices also contain activated carbon filters. One of the most common and versatile filtration compounds in the industrial world, this type of filter is highly effective in combatting odours in the home, including those caused by our furry family members.

It is about time that you are able to enjoy your time with your family members, furry and non-furry alike, without having to be preoccupied by unpleasant allergy symptoms. By cleaning the air in your home, you will be able to breathe fresher, purer, allergen-free air.

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