What happened to AIRVIA Medical?

AIRVIA Medical, a French company based in Caussade, France, ceased its operations in the fall of 2022, abandoning many customers who were left without news or a solution for the maintenance of their products. Their websites as well as their social networks were then shut down and their telephone line suspended, making it impossible to contact AIRVIA Medical.

Despite good reviews and a solid product line, AIRVIA Medical seems to have decided to no longer continue its activities and to discontinue its range of AIRVIA medical air purifiers including:

  • AIRVIA ORIGIN 40 air purifier
  • AIRVIA AERO 100 air purifier
  • AIRVIA PRO 150 air purifier
  • AIRVIA CAR air purifier
  • Replacement filters for AIRVIA Medical purifiers

Following the disappearance of AIRVIA Medical, Eoleaf decided to resume the exclusive marketing of AIRVIA products under its own brand. Eoleaf has no legal relationship with AIRVIA, and the decision to take over their product line was based on two criteria:

  1. The high quality of their air purifiers and 8-stage filtration system, an unparalleled technology in today's market
  2. The desire to give former AIRVIA customers continuity and a solution for the proper maintenance of their devices

You can find the whole range Eoleaf air purifiers here.

    You can also find replacement filters for AIRVIA purifiers here. These filters are 100% compatible: they are the original filters.

    If Eoleaf does not, of course, uphold the AIRVIA warranty, we can help you to benefit from the manufacturer's warranty (if it is still valid) or to have your device repaired. You can read more on how to get your AIRVIA device repaired here or directly fill out the dedicated after-sales service form.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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