Can an air purifier help you breathe better?

Air pollution can cause a variety of diseases that can affect many different parts of the body, from the lungs to the heart. When we breathe polluted air, we are breathing fine particles and toxins. Fine particles cause damage to your lungs while toxins, containing irritating chemical compositions, can cause changes in our blood chemistry that can lead to serious illness1. That being said, can an air purifier help us in our desire to breathe better and improve our health?

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What is air pollution?

On 15 November 2022, the Earth officially reached a population of 8 billion. The WHO declares that 9 out of 10 people on Earth now breathe polluted air, the results of which kill 7 million people per year2. Air pollution is when one or more contaminants are present in the air that can be deleterious to our health. The sources of air pollution are many: as the Earth’s population continues to grow, and with more than half of the world’s population without access to clean technologies or fuel, this means that the number of vehicles on the road spitting out dirty emissions will continue to grow, as will the demand from industry to create polluting products.

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How does air pollution affect our health?

Due to the fact that air pollution particles are so small in size, they are able to move with ease throughout the body. Polluted air enters the body through the respiratory tract when inhaled. This is why the lungs are typically affected first and foremost, leading to respiratory disease and a higher risk of contracting asthma and triggering asthma attacks in asthmatics.

As previously mentioned, due to their small size, air pollution particles can then quickly enter into the bloodstream and circulate throughout the rest of the body, impacting the heart and brain among other organs. Their circulation in the body leads to systemic inflammation and carcinogenicity. Exposure in both the short- and long-term can cause negative health effects. While the elderly, children, and pregnant women are at the highest risk of diseases caused by air pollution, sociodemographic, genetics, and comorbidities also affect one’s vulnerability.

Some of the diseases that are most commonly linked to exposure to air pollution include lung cancer, pneumonia, stroke, ischaemic heart disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Studies have also shown a connection to increased risk of issues during pregnancy, including low birth weight, and other cancers and neurological diseases3.

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What is an air purifier and how can it help?

An air purifier is a portable device that uses an internal fan to pull in air, uses various filtration technologies inside the device to treat the air, and removes unwanted particles before circulating the purified air back into the room. This process is then repeated several times an hour depending upon the level of indoor air pollution of the space.

HEPA-filters: the gold standard of air filtration

It is important to ensure that your prospective air purifier contains a HEPA-certified filter. “HEPA”, or “high-efficiency particulate air”, is a filter capable of filtering at least 99.97% of particles of a size greater than or equal to a diameter of 0.01 µm in a single pass. All filters that fulfill this criteria receive this designation. HEPA is a European certification overseen by European standards EN 1822 and EN ISO 29463. These filters have been used for decades in various industries including laboratories and cleanrooms. A HEPA filter can remove bacteria, viruses, household allergens (such as pet dander and pollen), pollution such as dust and smoke, mould and spores, VOCs (volatile organic compounds that can be dangerous to our health), and more from the air4.

All air purifiers available at Eoleaf contain HEPA filters in addition to other technologies, such as activated carbon filters, which help fight bad odours.

Use an air purifier to protect yourself and your loved ones

With studies showing that air pollution is one of the most important factors leading to chronic disease1, it is crucial to take steps to protect the air you breathe at home and the places you spend the most time (such as the workplace). Investing in a high-quality air purifier, like those available at Eoleaf, can help you greatly reduce your risk of contracting an air pollution-related illness. Put your health first by installing an Eoleaf air purifier in your home and in your office today.

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