Buying a smart air purifier (Tuya Smart app)

Air purifiers are available in all shapes and sizes on today’s market. They also vary in capability and have a seemingly endless amount of options available for controlling your device and indoor air quality. Smart air purifiers are now becoming more common, providing you with air purification and added convenience whilst operating your device. What is a smart air purifier? What features could it bring you in operating your device? Let’s learn about the benefits of smart air purifiers below.

A person using the Tuya Smart app to control their Eoleaf air purifier

What is a smart air purifier and why opt for one?

A smart air purifier is a device that offers the same capability to filter air pollutants and bring you improved air quality as a regular air purifier does. However, smart air purifiers come equipped with additional control features that make your life easier.

Some smart features available on today’s market may include smartphone app compatibility, voice commands using virtual voice assistants, and smart scenario/scheduling options, to name a few.

Smartphone apps

Being able to connect your air purifier to an app on your smartphone provides a great deal of convenience. Through remote app management, you can control your device and air quality from a distance.

Eoleaf’s air purifiers use Tuya Smart, a smartphone app available on both Android and iOS. Tuya Smart allows you to control and monitor your air quality, turn your device on and off, change the fan speed and settings, and activate and deactivate the ionisation and the UVC sterilisation features on your Eoleaf air purifier. It also has multiple functions that allow you to automate your air purifier’s behaviour (as you will see below).

Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity on Eoleaf’s air purifiers, all it takes to control your device is a simple swipe and tap on the app on your smartphone. If your device is located in a different room, for instance, this practical feature allows you to perform the above actions without having to move from where you are!

Buying a smart air purifier (Tuya Smart app)

  • Smart and customisable devices (smart scheduling, automatic power off/on, etc.)

  • Can be controlled remotely via smartphone app

  • Easy to use (equipped with Automatic mode) and does not require installation or assembly

  • Quiet yet powerful devices (up to 670 m3/hr)

  • Discreet and elegant design

  • Filters 99.97% of pollutants using unique and innovative filtration technologies

  • Real-time air quality data

  • Can be placed anywhere in your space thanks to our 360° technology


Voice commands

Eoleaf’s Tuya Smart app is compatible with multiple virtual voice assistants including Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. All you have to do is say one of our many voice commands (which may vary depending upon your virtual voice assistant of choice). Some examples may include:

  • ‘Alexa, turn on my Eoleaf AEROPRO 40.’
  • ‘OK, Google, turn off Night mode on my Eoleaf AEROPRO 100.’
  • ‘Siri, set fan speed to low on my Eoleaf AEROPRO 150.’

Voice commands are a great way to control your device whilst your hands are full or if you are busy with other tasks. You can even use voice commands to control your device from another room: you only need your phone.

A person using the Tuya Smart app to control their Eoleaf AEROPRO 40 air purifier

Smart scenarios and scheduling

With a smart air purifier like Eoleaf’s, you can even create smart scenarios and schedule your device’s activities. The possibilities are endless, but some common examples of this may be:

  • Setting Night mode to turn on at a certain hour
  • Turning up the speed automatically 30 minutes before your children return home from school
  • Receive automatic alerts if the gas level is too high in your room or home
  • Schedule your air purifier to turn on when you come home from work
  • Receive notifications if indoor allergen levels are abnormally high

The above information, used alongside your local outdoor air pollution tracker, can help you further understand air pollution trends in your area. This can be particularly useful for those who live in urban environments and want to plan their outdoor running sessions or daily walks with a pet. This data can also help you know the best times to keep your windows closed and when to keep them open!

The only limit is your imagination! With smart scheduling, you can control your device to work completely around your schedule and lifestyle, all whilst still ensuring optimal air quality.

The benefits of a smart air purifier

The major benefit of having a smart air purifier is that it provides you with information that a regular air purifier would not. With this data, you can adjust your daily actions based on the conditions of your indoor air. If you notice that your air quality is significantly reduced after cooking, for example, you know that you should open a window to allow fresh air to come in. Conversely, if you see on your app that your smart air purifier is indicating high allergen levels (during pollen season, for example), you know that it is best to keep your windows closed.

Benefit from real-time data

Eoleaf’s devices also come with either a display screen or a Bluetooth-enabled terminal display. These both help you to monitor your air quality continuously.

Eoleaf's handheld remote control

When your device is set to Automatic mode, the real-time air quality data collected by the device’s smart features changes the fan speed accordingly. Did you just clean your home or workspace, thus using cleaning products that release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other types of chemical pollution into your indoor breathing air? No worries: your smart air purifier will detect the decreased air quality and increase its fan speed until your air is once again pollutant-free.

Monitor and clean your air 24/7

By installing a smart air purifier that monitors, reacts to, and purifies air pollutants in your space, your peace of mind is assured. Your smart air purifier will automatically filter air pollutants and improve the quality of the air you breathe. It will take action whenever air quality issues present themselves.

How to choose a smart air purifier?

In choosing your smart air purifier, it is not only the smart features that need considering! Although these options are certainly practical and worth the convenience, the most important factor to keep in mind is how well the device will purify your air and improve your air quality. Here are the things to look for in a potential smart air purifier.

Consider the filter type and purification technologies

Eoleaf’s filtration process consists of 8 different purification technologies in a convenient all-in-one filter. This ensures that all pollutants found in your breathing air will be removed and treated. Our filters contain the following technologies and depolluting methods, each specialising in different types of pollutants:

Eoleaf's 8-step air purification method

Consider air circulation and power

Eoleaf’s air purifiers are designed with optimal air circulation capacity. Our devices have a 360° air inlet, allowing them to take in air from all angles. Using their energy-efficient yet powerful fan and vertical output, they ensure proper air flow of clean air back into the room. Furthermore, our devices have superior power with a CADR rating of up to 670 m3/hr. We offer devices of multiple sizes, allowing treatment and purification of rooms of any volume and improved air quality.

Consider its compatibility and features

All models are different, but it is important to purchase a smart air purifier with features and options that are intuitive and user-friendly, simplifying the control of your device. One characteristic that is not necessarily a ‘smart’ feature but incredibly useful is ease of movement: Eoleaf’s devices come with handles or wheels, meaning that it is simple to move the device from room to room.

  • Regarding smart features, as mentioned above, our devices are compatible with the Tuya Smart app which is free of charge, stable, reliable, and available in multiple languages. App compatibility provides a level of convenience that makes your indoor air quality monitoring and control simple and straightforward. Our devices also come equipped with voice assistance and smart scheduling.

Consider the noise level

Finally, one more factor to keep in mind is a device’s ability to operate quietly. Does it blend into the background? Does it come with smart settings like Night and Automatic modes? All of these things will impact your daily life, so be sure to keep an eye out for a device that considers your well-being.

For more information on how to choose an air purifier, refer to our in-depth Buying Guide which explores all facets of purchasing an air purifier. Also feel free to contact our team of air purification experts with questions on how to choose the perfect air purifier for your needs!

Our recommendation: check out the AEROPRO 40, our most modern device! Smart and stylish, it makes a great addition to any medium-sized room. This compact device boasts both medical-grade filtration and many smart features including smart scheduling, voice commands, and real-time air quality data monitoring.

Eoleaf's AEROPRO 40 air purifier



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