The benefits of becoming a distributor with Eoleaf

The air purification market is a rapidly growing one. Becoming a distributor with Eoleaf opens up a world of opportunities within a dynamic market. Why is market demand growing for air purifiers? Which regions present the best prospects for Eoleaf distributors? Read on to learn more.

An overview of the air purifier market

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Overview: what is an air purifier?

In theory, an air purifier is fairly simple device. It works by pulling in polluted indoor air using a powerful fan, treating the polluted air inside the device using one or more air purification technologies, and then using its powerful fan once more to recirculate purified air back into the room. Air purifiers are found in many shapes and sizes, containing a varied spectrum of filtration technologies.

Air filtration technologies

It is common for air purifiers to offer a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air)-certified filter as a foundational technology. Commonly referred to as the ‘gold standard of air filtration’, HEPA filters are extremely effective at removing upwards of 99% of air pollutants down to a size of 0.3 microns in a single pass. HEPA filters have multiple levels of filtration, however, with some offering a removal of 99.97% of air pollutants down to a size of 0.01 microns (like the HEPA H13 filters used here at Eoleaf). Read more about HEPA filters here. Keep in mind that ‘HEPA-type’ filters are third-party tested like HEPA-certified filters are.

Other air filtration technologies that may be offered by air purifiers include:

Air purifiers may offer one or two of these filtration technologies. Eoleaf devices, on the other hand, offer all of them, 8 technologies in total! This is a rarity in today’s air purification market.

Eoleaf's 8-step air purification system

Additionally, some modern air purifiers, like Eoleaf’s, offer smart features. These smart features make it easy to control your device using voice controls, gesture controls, smart scheduling, and more.

What is the purpose of an air purifier?

As you may have guessed, the goal of an air purifier is to combat indoor air pollution. Pollutants found in our indoor air have severe effects on health and may lead and/or contribute to a significant number of diseases. That said, the aims of an air purifier are to:

  • Reduce airborne allergens to alleviate allergy symptoms or respiratory disease symptoms
  • Mitigate health risks due to general air pollution
  • Fight unpleasant odours in indoor spaces
  • Reduce risk of exposure to common toxic substances like VOCs (including formaldehyde) found in every day products like paint, glue, solvents, textiles, pesticides, and more

Expanding market demand for air purifiers

The air purifier market in the United Kingdom

Air purifiers are available in different sizes, making them adaptable to any indoor space. They are purchased for both individual markets (homes, flats, personal offices, personal vehicles and motorhomes, etc.) and professional markets (office buildings, warehouses, commercial buildings, cleaning companies, building companies, hospitals and medical institutions/clinicspharmacies, care homes, beauty salons, schools and daycares, restaurants, hotels, commercial vehicles (trucks, lorries, buses, taxis, etc.). 

Air purifier market segmentation

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The United Kingdom air purifier market, like the air purifier market throughout the European continent as a whole, is expected to experience 7% growth between 2023 to 2029. The air purifier market in both the United Kingdom and Europe is considered to be growing at an accelerated pace.

An overview of the UK air purifier market

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An overview of the European air purifier market

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Growing awareness of air quality issues

Increasing awareness of the health impacts of poor air quality have presented an exciting opportunity for air purification companies and distributors. With more health-conscious consumers and businesses becoming educated on the adverse effects of air pollution, an increasing number of consumers choose high-quality air purifiers for purifying their indoor air and mitigating the health risks. This is particularly the case in hospitals, healthcare facilities, schools, hair salons, and other businesses welcoming members of the public.

Impact of global health concerns

The impact of the COVID-19 global health crisis has left its mark on the United Kingdom, Europe, and the world as a whole. During this time, we quickly realised how clean indoor air can be used to prevent the spread of airborne diseases. Individuals and organisations alike invested heavily in air purifiers during the pandemic. Although air purifiers are extremely useful for warding off disease, they serve many other purposes, mitigating problems like indoor air pollution that, unfortunately, will not go away anytime soon. This creates further opportunities in the air purification market for distributors.

A woman putting a mask on a child

Enhancing public health

Improving indoor air quality

Installing high-quality air purifiers that receive members of the public like schools, workplaces, and other establishments help protect individuals and families alike. Polluted indoor air leads to an increased incidence of allergies, respiratory issues, increased risk of multiple types of cancer and mental health disorders, and low levels of focus and productivity.

Supporting vulnerable populations

Distributing high-quality air purifiers is beneficial in improving indoor air quality for the most vulnerable members of society. A reduction in polluted indoor air keeps children in schools, pregnant women, the elderly, and individuals with pre-existing health conditions safe from disease spread and other health problems associated with air indoor pollution. As a distributor, you can help directly in protecting vulnerable populations from the adverse effects of air pollution.

Sustainability and environmental impact

Promoting healthier environments

Growing environmental concerns has eco-conscious consumers looking for sustainable solutions to combat air quality problems. Consumers are always seeking out ways to contribute to environmental protection efforts. By distributing energy-efficient and eco-friendly air purifiers like Eoleaf’s, you are helping individuals and businesses promote healthier indoor environments and improve indoor air quality.

Reducing dependence on HVAC systems

The installation of high-quality air purifiers makes an excellent way to reduce dependence on HVAC systems. Temperature fluctuations damage the fibres in air filters, and since HVAC systems are constantly heating and/or cooling (air conditioning), it creates a significantly reduced-quality air filtration. Air purifiers also have a much lower energy consumption and a reduced environmental impact.

Brand and reputation building

Establishing trust with quality products

Distributing high-quality air purifiers from a trustworthy brand helps build and enhance a distributor’s brand image. Customers are more likely to support a business that supports reliability and high standards. Distributing Eoleaf products is a great way to enhance your business’ reputation in a dynamic market. Eoleaf has built a stellar reputation since the very beginning with consistently positive reviews regarding its products’ quality, customer service, smart features, business practices, and after-sales service.

Opportunities for collaboration and partnerships

The distribution of air purifiers opens opportunities for collaborations and partnerships with health organisations, environmental groups, educational institutions, and more. This helps build a distributor’s brand presence in any sector of their choosing, providing both flexibility and unlimited prospects.

The Eoleaf difference

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, people in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the rest of the world have become acutely aware of the dangers of germ spread (viruses and bacteria). As a result, Eoleaf and the air purification sector in general have been experiencing substantial growth. Unfortunately, this growth has encouraged many other companies to jump on the air purification bandwagon, including multinational conglomerate technology firms like Dyson and Philips who pull in customers with promises of lower-cost devices with 2-in-1 or even 3-in-1 capabilities (typically heating/cooling/humidification). These products may seem smart and convenient, but their air filtration capacities are severely lacking and their transparency non-existent: for many of these products, it is impossible to find air filtration efficacy on their websites.

This is where we come in. Here at Eoleaf, we sell high-end air purifiers that are equipped with the most advanced air filtration technologies on the market. Our devices offer 8 different air filtration technologies that guarantee the removal of all types of indoor air pollution. They are designed to filter 99.97% of all air pollutants down to a size of 0.01 microns, including germs (bacteria and viruses), fine particle pollution (PM10, PM2.5, and PM0.1), dust and dust mites, pollen, and chemical pollution (VOCs and ground-level ozone).

If you are interested in becoming a distributor with Eoleaf, we would love to have you join our team. We would be happy to schedule a call with our Sales Director to discuss pricing, shipping options (wholesale, drop-shipping, etc.), after-sales processes, and more. We also offer a full sales training as part of our onboarding process, providing you with support every step of the way to help you get your business up and running.

Eoleaf's AEROPRO 150 air purifier in a classroom


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