Smart Air Specifications

Model Eoleaf Smart Air
Elements measured  Measurement range Resolution Accuracy
HCHO 0-6.25 mg/m3 0.00m1 g/m3 /
TVOC 0-9mg/m3 0.05mg/m3 /
PM1.0 /PM2.5 0-500 μg/m3 1 μg/m3 15μg/m3 @0-100μg/m3
Temperature -20°C - +50°C 0,1° C 0,4°C@ 25°C
Humidity 0% - 99%RH 1%RH 3%RH@25°C


Air Quality  colour Indicators Good-green / Moderate-Blue / Poor-Yellow / Very poor -red
Sensors HCHO Sensor / TVOC Sensor / Laser Dust Sensor Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Battery life Approx. 10h
Net Weight 278g
Dimensions 181mm(L)x45mm(W)x67mm(H)

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