Newsletter of 20 June 2023: replacement filters for your AIRVIA Medical air purifiers

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Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are Eoleaf, a European team of air purification experts with complementary skills in health sciences, engineering, and business. At Eoleaf, we believe that people, their health, and their well-being should be at the centre of our concerns. We bring you products with one goal in mind: to protect your health and improve your quality of life.

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Following the disappearance of AIRVIA Medical, Eoleaf has decided to resume the exclusive marketing of AIRVIA products under its own brand name. AIRVIA Medical ceased trading last year without providing any information to clients or partners. Click here for a summary of what we know. Note that Eoleaf has no legal relationship with AIRVIA.

Our decision to take over the product line was based on two criteria:

1) The high quality of its air purifiers and their 8-stage filtration system, an unparalleled technology in today's market.
2) The desire to provide former AIRVIA customers with continuity and a solution for the proper maintenance of their devices.

Every week, we receive calls and emails from former AIRVIA customers who no longer know where to get their filters, spare parts or, worse, who had never received their orders placed last year. We have therefore decided to offer a £10 discount on filters to all former AIRVIA customers. Simply use the EOLEAF10X discount code during checkout. Note that our filters are 100% compatible with AIRVIA Medical devices: these are the original filters.

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Do we need to earn your trust?

We completely understand! We hope you will give us a chance, and we are pleased to reassure you with the following:

  • Unlike AIRVIA, all our products are in stock in our two warehouses (in both Germany and England) and delivery time is 2-4 working days.
  • We offer easy payment (including payment after delivery for those feeling unsure!).
  • We are lucky to already have many customers who have entrusted us (read their reviews here).

You can contact us from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. We are happy to chat anytime. Reach us on our website at, by email at, or by phone at +44 20 8156 3841.


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